Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 13 (8/2/12)

Breakfast - slept through suhoor again, ugh!

Dinner -

  • Wendy's chili (small) with cheese and onions
  • 6 chicken nuggets, with sweet and sour sauce
  • large glass of milk
  • huge piece of chocolate eruption cake - which was awful and threw half of it away!
Total carbs - WAY too many..

Was going to completely give up on eating right, but just decided to let myself off the hook for a few days.  I feel way better eating healthy (the next morning after eating the above was cranky and tired and felt awful) and am committed to making better choices and habits in the long-term..

Day 14 (8/3/12)

Did not wake up for suhoor today (I think that makes a total of three so far) - so I have not eaten since 11 PM last night.  That also means (1) was late for morning prayer, (2) did not take morning vitamins and allergy medicine and (3) very cranky this morning /mad at myself..

I took it out on my son by being grouchy this morning, and ended up leaving my phone at home - but today has gone fine and I will apologize to him this afternoon and make him spaghetti with meatballs..