Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 10 (7/30/12)

  • pea salad (10 carbs?)
  • 5 meatballs with BBQ sauce and slice of cheese melted over (6 carbs)
  • water

  • smoked fish (4)
  • egg salad (1)
  • mac-n-cheese with extra cheddar (12)
  • large glass of milk (15)
  • blueberries (15) 
  • cookies (34)
Total - DISASTER (97, ugh)

Started out with good intentions, and even bought some smoked fish at the store just for dinner.. it was smoked with salt and sugar but posed little threat to a low-carb meal on it's own.  However, my son did not finish his mac-n-cheese and I thought "it's just a little bit" so I draped on way more cheddar and nuked it for an over-the-top treat.  Then I was craving milk - which I poured a glass, and of course HAD to finish.. The blueberries were maybe gonna go bad but then the cravings kicked in and it was time to hit the hard stuff - the cookies.  Partly I think that this is due to the length of time which I let myself eat.. I was clearly full by the time I really slipped up but could have gone right on eating much longer.  Maybe a time limit would help.

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