Monday, July 16, 2012

It's four days before Ramadan and I am feeling the heat.  I have given up coffee (for the most part) and sugar remains a constant struggle.  My doctor thinks that writing down the struggle will be a learning experience and help to make it real.  May 1 through 10 of this year, we both gave up carbs for the most part - less than 20 grams of sugar per day, we both went into ketosis and i lost a few pounds (i spent the entire time thinking about chocolate cake and gained it all back within a weekend).

This time, it's personal - it's Ramadan.  The glorious gift of forgiveness and mercy brought to the Muslims worldwide for the sake of getting in touch with our humanity, our religion, our community and our Lord.  No food or drink from dawn to sunset and only meat and veggies at night aught to reset my internal patterns, so - it's on for Ramadan!

This blog will be personal, emotional and EXTREMELY PERSONAL.  If you aren't interested in my personal details and daily food journal, etc... Don't read it - duh!

God bless you all and grant us peace, ameen.

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