Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 3 (7/23/12)

Breakfast - 3:38 AM

  • Salad: cucumber, tomato & mixed greens with Ranch (5 carbs)
  • Leftover onion eggs (2 carbs)
  • water - not enough (0 carbs)
Dinner - 9 PM
  • 3 meatballs, with Bar-B-Que sauce (5 carbs)
  • salad: 
    • mixed greens and spinach with avocado, cucumber, bell pepper and basil (7 carbs)
    • olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice (0 carbs)
  • 5 black olives (2 carbs)
  • teensy, tiny Pringles single pak (12 carbs)
  • water - as much as i could drink (0 carbs)

Total carbohydrates for the day: 35

Insights: Was so full from dinner that it was difficult to eat and drink enough for breakfast, and I was hungry by 10 AM.  However, the hunger comes for a minute and goes away.. it's the incessant mutterings of my brain that constantly bring pictures of glazed donuts, and sparkling clear apple juice like some kind of junk food commercial that really makes fasting difficult.  

I must do this.  For my health, for me.  Things will only get worse from here if I don't take a stand - and the type 2 diabetic track I've been headed down is not a roller coaster of my own choosing.  I always told myself that I could stop - when I really wanted to. But never found the motivation.  This is the time - here.  Now. 

Allergies acted up the last few days, by tearing my throat to pieces and I kept forgetting to take my Flonase until tonight.. we'll see how it is tomorrow.  Something in the salad tonight gave me an instant reaction and it must be the bell pepper, since everything else is something I've had recently.

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