Friday, July 20, 2012


In order to get ready, for the last two days i have been drinking water at night and waking up at 3 to eat - then going back to sleep.  On top of which, i will not eat much of anything during the day - Thursday i ate a handful of nuts, some Odwalla "Green Machine" juice, tea and water, then ate dinner at 7, today i had one piece of calamari, some pho broth, more juice and water - i'll try to go even later before eating dinner.  Tomorrow begins Ramadan and that means no food or water between approximately 4 AM and 9 PM, Pacific Time.

Not planning on exercising much, but maybe walking a bit; have put the LA Fitness membership on hold for at least a month.  I am definitely feeling the burn of hunger during my "practice fasts" and have cut out sweets, other than the juice and sauces/condiments with some sugar thrown in.  Time to remove all food and water containers from my desk and the work fridge in order to minimize reminders.  Need to put my medicine/vitamins out where i remember to take them at 9 PM and 4 AM, etc..

Preparation tasks:

  • Hard-boiling eggs
  • Pre-cooking meat: Chicken can be added to salads or alone
  • Preparing salads: Broccoli is good with mayo dressing for a creamier salad or vinegar (or just olive oil with ground salt and pepper) and other salads can be tossed without dressing for eating next day
  • Putting away the juicer: trying to give up fruits and sugars once Ramadan starts for the whole month!
Feeling good.  Feeling more prepared than ever before - i can do this!

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